Our innovative  achievements talk for our lead position  on the market. Below you can find some  details on our  technical solutions and why to choose our team  for cooperation.

In 2015, we made a complex HVAC  design, in which we integrated heating and cooling installations into one single machinery station so that both heating and cooling building's needs were mutually balanced.  In this project  we have used a fairly unique combination of heat pumps (able to  produce heat and cold at the same time), solar thermal collectors (extremely  effective in summer) and heat recuperation from the exhausted air (also using a heat pump).  The result of  supplemental heat requirement  from  the heating district  network has been  reduced to the minimal level.  The building will be assessed with the BREEAM certificate. The idea of mutual balancing heating and  cooling needs of a building, especially in the sustainable architecture,  nowadays is starting to  be more popular solution . This is why our bureau is on the strict front line of  innovative HVAC engineering market.

In 2010, as the first designing  team in Poland, in a large scale  office  building  (of the total cubature volume of ca. 80 000 m3)  we applied a solution based on the use of passive   heat/cool from the ground underneath the building.  It was a glycol circulating installation with pipelines placed under the construction's  foundations, below level -3. Heat/cool was used for the thermal stabilization of building's  double glass facade( the space between two glazing)   and  also    in  pre-heat exchanger  at  the fresh air inlet before AHU. Similar solutions  became  more popular in use   after the year 2014.  Until now passive cooling/heating  from the ground    is still considered as a true innovation.

In 2006, we were true forerunners  in Poland thanks to our design of using the rainwater in domestic purposes, based on the tank retention. Only after the completion of our works such solutions became widely used. So, the building with the installations became the trendsetter for technical solutions in Poland.

In 2003 in one of the historic buildings we created a solution based on a underground   ducting  heat exchanger in the  line of fresh air supply system . Today it is a fairly common technique, however back in the days it was absolutely new .

In 1999, in one of the office buildings our team designed cooling systems based on  use of the adiabatic cooling  of  chiller's  evaporator  in order to obtain a better efficiency .    During   recent modernisations of the building, about 80% of  installations designed by our team  were kept in the original shape , including the system of  chillers adiabatic cooling. The building  has been  certified  in 2015 with  the BREEAM  very good.  Nowadays, this solution  is gaining a wide recognition on the market of buildings subject to BREEAM/LEED certification.