The mission of our team is to provide   efficient support  to  our customers  to  achieve   competitive advantage  on  the global  market of designing   services, together with   broadly recognised  well being  of  end users  in buildings  that we design.  


To obtain the goals of  our customers   we   ensure    execution of   services as follow :

  • completion of all the works on time, accordingly to the time schedule agreed with the customer
  • individual approach to every project
  • realisation of all client's requirements
  • comfort thanks to keeping   all works in secrecy
  • total and complex coordination of all designed installations
  • release of designs free of both factual and formal mistakes
  • creation of designs of sustainable architecture in regard to any of the  certification  methods (BREEAM, LEED or Polish LEMUR)
  • realisation of designs using fully specialised and advanced engineering support  software, also  with  the  BIM class 4
  • realisation of designs using the  most sophisticated   computer hardware available